As we often do, we once again didn’t plan well enough and were left short of options for Mothers day, as we had mum (in-law) and aunt as extras for the day, so we scurried around looking for options yesterday.

We ended up opting for Cronulla as the best bet and as all the lunch time options were fully booked so we decided on breakfast

We first tried the Sea Level restaurant which was packed by 8:30 am and had a waiting list and time of approximately  1 hour, so we put down our names and then noticed the less assuming little cafe’ aptly named ‘Alley Break Cafe‘, and all I can say is WOW, how fortunate we were that the aforementioned restaurant was full, we waited about 5 mins and the manager Nick, found us a table right inside for my family of 5 (wife, daughter, mum in law and aunt). The spot we got was at a communal table smack bang right between the baristas and the chefs in the kitchen. No prob for us as at least we had a spot and the morning air was still quite fresh anyway.

The team had their hands full but the efficiency was electric, each team member had a function and purpose and each knew exactly what needed doing without any prompting. WOW. Coffees were being brewed and delivered hot, dishes and crockery was being washed in the back and the wait staff were unpacking these while the chefs were churning sumptuous brekkies and extras.

The menu was not you normal run of the mill breakfast, but filled with gourmet  product selections like  Sonoma breads and muesli, the Big Brekkie, was served hot in an oven baked pan dish (fantastic), and the 4 adults each had our own, and it was good, the other meals coming out around us looked divine as well, and we’ve already committed ourselves to come and visit again soon under less stressful circumstances.

This spot is a definite must if you’re in the area, and the view is great as well. I will recommend this to all my friends and family. There’s a great team running this spot, 2 thumbs up to them.

here’s their web link:

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